The Anthropobscene transmogrified!

Education, Pavilion Project

We at Scale Rule were delighted to see Anthropobscene – Next Generation Design 2020 pavilion take a further step from it’s digital reveal into the real world at COP26 in Glasgow.

Grimshaw Architects (big respect to Mr Andy Watts, in particular), Price and Myers and Sir Robert McAlpine helped deliver the original design by the students at Harris Boys’ Academy East Dulwich expertly, and there is a very nice and informative press-release about it all here.

I couldn’t think of a better concept behind a pavilion at COP26 than one which was so overtly symbolizing the irreversible changes to the planet caused by humans. Ripping apart a big timber representation of the earth with imaginary clawing hands is about as overt as you can really get (beyond torching the pavilion while it is still full of people, or similar…)