Paviljon Otok Obonjan

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And as if by magic, the Future of Design pavilion has been reborn on an island in Croatia. Armed with only this instruction manual Tobias from Hylemo has turned a lonely pile of ply into a majestic structure once more (and taken some nice photos, too).

Hopefully the Future of Design pavilion will now lead a long and happy life roaming free in the Adriatic. Not in the actual wet bit of the Adriatic, preferably.

Open sesame

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The Future of Design Pavilion was unveiled this morning for the opening of Clerkenwell Design Week. The full story of the fantastic work the participating GCSE students put into the project, and how it made it from concept to construction can be see in our publication here, at Below is a timelapse showing how easy it was to build!


Special thanks to Annabel and Erica for their work on producing the book, and Erica’s timelapse.

1:20 gerbil pavilion unveiled!

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Thanks to Steve, Lucy, and their family of nimble-fingered helpers we’ve built a scale mock-up of the pavilion, and Rich who’s taken some pretty darn atmospheric photos of it.

While pretty, this wasn’t all fun and games: lasercutting and assembling a 1:20 model using the same cutting pattern that we plan to use for the CNC routing and 1:1 build allowed us to do a spot of troubleshooting in advance of assembly.


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After the dust has settled on a hectic weekend we’ve uploaded the photos and lecture slides from the workshop and crits. A huge thanks to all the team involved and to our camera women Erica Choi for documenting all the fun.

Check out the future of design page and feel free to get in contact and use the lecture slides if you’re planning your own similar event.