Engineering with bite

Education, Upside Down Buildings

It’s now only 20 sleeps until Open House Families, where Scale Rule will be running some structural tests on different pasta shapes at Al Dente Engineering.

After a 3 year hiatus since Upside Down Buildings, we’re looking forward to exploring fundamental structural engineering principles through practical tests and messy edible small-scale construction.



Upside Down Buildings – Promotional video fame

Education, Upside Down Buildings

For some reason the Archikids Festival features 15 seconds of us! This is accompanied by the gormless looking picture of some fool as the starting video hold image.

(rambling to be found from the 1 minute mark)

ARCHIKIDS FESTIVAL 2015 from Open-City Architecture on Vimeo.


Education, Upside Down Buildings

We’ve had a busy Saturday of funicular form-finding and testing to destruction hanging plaster and fabric upside down and then satisfyingly smashing the finished shells, although Sunday’s Archikids workshop was rained off in true British summertime style. Apparently we were too messy to be allowed to continue inside any buildings, upside down or not!

It was a great day, with a 100 or so kids coming along to build some form-found plaster shells. We even supported a whopping 15kg on one shell before we had to resort to loading it with a small child to determine it’s failure capacity. More info here.