A “Montrosity”!?!



So close yet so far. Sad news that our damn near genius entry to the Architectural Leagures Socrates Sculpture Park bench competition fell at the final hurdle (unlike the models in the poster, who fell at the first). We thought we’d be in with a pretty good shout with our idea for seating in the form of giant reshapable tarpaulin bags shaped like worms. But as they say, one person’s montrosity is another’s finest work (or something like that!). A full write up of all the commended entries can be found on the Architectural Leagues website and more information about the proposal on our website here.

Lego City victors




Two Scale Rule engineers infiltrate Open City’s annual ‘thank you’ bash to build for victory in their 30 min Lego tower challenge! Special note to Ian for his inspired spire work.


Annabel unfortunately was distracted by making a tower which looked like a happy robot. Tut tut.