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Well, Clancy that


Although it looks like Dan won something, he sort of didn’t. His long and arduous read Disassembling Detroit received the Clancy Prize Diploma “for papers of merit related to the understanding and practice of the whole life management of structures including surveys, investigations, strategic planning, testing and subsequent works to the structure.”


The actual Clancy Prize medal (medal>diploma) for properly special people, was this year awarded to Kalaichelvi Navaratnarajah, For his paper ‘Engineering towards a resilient world – managing client expectations’ published in April 2016.

The pavilion is open for business!

Education, Next Generation Design

Finished pavilion photo

After a final push by the whole team, through some miracle the pavilion was ready in time for opening today and even though we do say so ourselves, it looks pretty good!

Can’t say it enough times but thanks to everyone who’s supported us, all the volunteers that have given up countless hours and all the sponsors who make it possible.

Fortunately the pavilion is sticking around for a few more months so come down and check it out, walk over it and leave your message on one of the ribbons.

Happy Birthday Goldsmiths’ Centre!


Serendipity studio has started, and we’ve put up an installation tying together bicycle builders, 3d printed hubs to form this:

To celebrate 5 years of teaching and fostering craft in Clerkenwell, the Goldsmiths’ Centre assembled a crack team of creatives to bung some sticks together to forma nice yellow space frame (literally sticks bunged together, see prototyping here).

It’ll be up for May, go check it out!

Scale Rulers let loose on the engineering world



For anyone tracking our whereabouts two scalerulers were recently papped at the IABSE Bath 2017 conference. Not only did we manage to agree on which session to attend, we also co-presented last year’s pavilion project during a session about educating, inspiring and developing creative and innovative designers. A great chance for us to get on our high horses! You can check out our IABSE 2017 paper here.

Lego City victors




Two Scale Rule engineers infiltrate Open City’s annual ‘thank you’ bash to build for victory in their 30 min Lego tower challenge! Special note to Ian for his inspired spire work.


Annabel unfortunately was distracted by making a tower which looked like a happy robot. Tut tut.