Happy Birthday Goldsmiths’ Centre!


Serendipity studio has started, and we’ve put up an installation tying together bicycle builders, 3d printed hubs to form this:

To celebrate 5 years of teaching and fostering craft in Clerkenwell, the Goldsmiths’ Centre assembled a crack team of creatives to bung some sticks together to forma nice yellow space frame (literally sticks bunged together, see prototyping here).

It’ll be up for May, go check it out!

Paviljon Otok Obonjan

Education, Future of Design, Projects

And as if by magic, the Future of Design pavilion has been reborn on an island in Croatia. Armed with only this instruction manual Tobias from Hylemo has turned a lonely pile of ply into a majestic structure once more (and taken some nice photos, too).

Hopefully the Future of Design pavilion will now lead a long and happy life roaming free in the Adriatic. Not in the actual wet bit of the Adriatic, preferably.

1:20 gerbil pavilion unveiled!

Education, Future of Design, Projects

Thanks to Steve, Lucy, and their family of nimble-fingered helpers we’ve built a scale mock-up of the pavilion, and Rich who’s taken some pretty darn atmospheric photos of it.

While pretty, this wasn’t all fun and games: lasercutting and assembling a 1:20 model using the same cutting pattern that we plan to use for the CNC routing and 1:1 build allowed us to do a spot of troubleshooting in advance of assembly.